Ask An Atlanta Stylist: Three Easy Braided Hairstyles

July 8, 2014 8:00 AM

Southern California native Rebekah Pierce is a passionate hairstylist that has spent 25+ years perfecting her craft through continued education and dedicated service to her clients. Relocating to Georgia in 2003, Rebekah became a Redken Artist and in-salon educator followed by the honor of being recognized for her talents and awarded the title of Certified Colorist for the Redken brand. In June of 2010, Rebekah realized a life-long dream when she opened Salon Bellezza of Roswell; an intimate, modern-designed hair salon dedicated to offering excellent service, personal attention and natural hair care products that are free of controversial or harmful ingredients. Many of Rebekah’s existing clients have trusted her with their tresses for more than a decade, claiming that her talent and sincere appreciation for her career as well as her clients is the motivating factor behind their loyalty to her as their personal stylist.

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According to Rebekah, braided hairstyles are great for textured hair, but she also states that texture can be easily created on most hair types by using dry shampoo to reduce oil at the scalp and provide needed textured that may be lacking from finer hair types. Her most requested braided hairstyles are fishtail braids, bohemian side braid and the amazing side braid. These are easy braided styles that can be achieved in 15 minutes or less and are suitable for most occasions, including summer bridal looks.

Tip 1: Fishtail Braid

Begin by securing hair into a ponytail with an elastic band and then separate into two sections. Next, take a small strand from the outside of the right section and cross over to the center and add to the left section. Then, take a small strand from outside of the left section crossing over the center to add to the right section. Continue this pattern down the length of the pony to the ends for a fishtail or fishbone look.

Tip 2: Bohemian Side Braid

Start this look by loosely French braiding hair in a halo effect around the hairline. Continue the French braid down to the side, ending at the bottom of the ear. Make a loose, low side pony and secure with an elastic band to keep hair pulled to the side and secure. Next, repeat the fishtail braid as described above, securing with an elastic band at the bottom of the braid. Then remove, or if necessary, cut the top elastic to loosen the hair. Complete the look by gently pulling the sides of the French braid and fishtail braid starting at the bottom as if you are spreading the braid apart  This will loosen and “rough up” the braid’s appearance for an unfinished Boho look.

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Tip 3: Amazing Side Braid

Use the French braid technique with large sections to create a halo effect around the hairline. Continue down the full length of the hair, pulling in the hair from the sides and back. Secure with an elastic band at the ends. Beginning at the bottom of the braid, start pulling sides of braid working upward to create a messy and loose bohemian look.

Variations of the Amazing Side Braid:

1) You can weave in ribbon or other thin fabric through the braid.

2) Make a “messy braid bun” by creating a slightly off-center ponytail at the top of the head. Do the amazing braid and twist around the elastic band to create a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

To view photos and additional tutorials for Braided Hair Style trends, visit this Pinterest Board entitled Hair Trends – Braided Beauty.

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