Ask A Stylist: Tips For Finding The Perfect Suit

September 24, 2013 8:00 AM

Finding the perfect suit can be very difficult for some because it is so much to consider. The fit is important as well as where to purchase the suit. Then you have to consider the season and which material would be appropriate for the occasion you wish to wear the suit. Mr. Marquis Whaley, a suit expert, is more than qualified to give tips on finding the perfect suit. 

Marquis Whaley
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Mr. Whaley is an ambitious student of Clark Atlanta University. He is also a savvy formal wear stylist and designer and dabbles a bit in model management. As an all-around business man, he has two clothing lines, a men’s suit line called Fame The Collection and a women’s custom line titled FameCocaine, which is sponsored by the popular Swedish retail company H&M. While working on his third clothing line, Marquis Whaley also has the time to manage a fashion blog that is ranked number six in North America. Take some tips from Mr. Whaley on your quest for the perfect suit.

Be Cautious of the Salesman

The salesman is there to do just that, make a sale. Beware of him because he will tell you anything and everything to get you to make a purchase. The man “helping” you will tell you everything looks great when the suit may not be what you really need. Be mindful of what you are looking for and be firm in what you are expecting out of the suit you need. Remember, he is there to provide a service to you.

Avoid Bargains

Buying a suit is an investment and taking the cheap route should not be an option. Low-cost, low-quality suits may be easier on your wallet, but the appearance will not be easy on the eyes. Many suits are universal and can be worn for many different occasions. Know your likes and dislikes while also keeping in mind why you need the suit. For example, a suit you may need for an interview can be worn to a court appearance as well.

Start at a Department Store 

If you are buying a suit for the first time, start at the department store. Department stores have an array of suits to choose from while being able to meet any budget. Once you are in the department store, walk around for a while and pay close attention to the style of suits it carries along with the brands. Once you see a suit that grabs your attention as far as style, brand and price, ask for a salesman. 

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Choose the Right Fabric

Most suits are made of wool while some are made of 100 percent cashmere. Keep in mind what season you will be wearing the suit. If it is during the fall and winter months, a wool suit would be ideal. If the suit will be worn for a summer wedding or during the spring months, linen, cotton and silk would be more appropriate. Whatever fabric you choose, make sure it feels right and don’t be afraid to mix fabrics when buying the shirt and tie.

Know Your Size

The fit of the suit is the most important thing to consider when making the purchase. Even though you will probably have the suit tailored after the purchase (which is highly recommended), knowing your size will still play a huge part. Measure yourself before actually going to purchase the suit and pay close attention to the shoulders, chest and length of your arms and legs. A suit should always have a tailored look and not seem baggy. The suit should appear as if it was made especially for you.

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