Mark's 10 Min. Tailgate Tour Ep. 043: IT'S STILL ILLEGAL!Mark talks about the latest arrest in Athens and how this time you can't feel bad for the player...
Mark Owens' 10 Min. Tailgate Tour EP. 022: Blame The Player, Not The RAMark is back with another episode of the 10 min. Tailgate Tour. News and notes this week from Athens to Jacksonville.
Mark Owens' 10 Min. Tailgate Tour Ep. 016. Weed and Bed BugsMark is back with the latest from Athens the world of College Football with the 10 Min. Tailgate Tour. This week we talk about the latest from the QB position as Brice Ramsey will be transferring from the program...
A Gronk Party Cruise Could Be The Best (Or Worst) Vacation EverRick and John Michaels over think some of the more bizarre sports and pop culture stories with Just Sayin..
Study: Exercise Triggers Same Part Of Brain As MarijuanaThe "high" you get after running may be linked to the same high you get from smoking weed, according to a new study.
Study: Marijuana Users More Likely To Have PrediabetesCurrent and former marijuana users are more likely to have prediabetes compared to those who have never used the drug, according to new research.
Too Much Truth: 4/21 National Random Drug Testing Day
Wendy's Worker Drops Pot In Burger, Arrested A Wendy's employee who dropped a partially smoked blunt in a customer's cheeseburger has been fired and charged with marijuana possession.
Man's Cologne Leads Police To Marijuana & Pills
Study: Men Who Smoke Weed More Likely To Get Testicular CancerIt’s high time to put down that bong. A new study finds that people who use marijuana are more likely to develop testicular cancer.
Too Much Truth Recap: It Is A Tell The Truth Friday!
Too Much Truth Recap: Should Welfare Recipents Be Required To Take A Drug Test?

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