The Movement : Dr. F.Keith Slaughter : Are Computers Raising Our Children

Dr. Slaughter talks about this generation of children and technology in today’s world.  He poses the question Are Computers Raising Our Children today.  In case you missed it click here to hear Audio….  



The Movement : Dr.F.Keith Slaughter : Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest To Be Exhumed From Grave..

After the Ruling of the confederate flag to be taken down in South Carolina,  the Memphis city council votes to dig up the grave of confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest from its 110 year resting […]


photo by Jean Ross CBS RADIO

The Movement : Dr. F.Keith Slaughter : Interview With Cassandra Tyson The Mother Of Inmate Jah’Cory Tyson Killed Inside DeKalb County Jail.

Dr Slaughter got a chance to sit down and speak with Cassandra Tyson the mother of Jah’Cory Tyson who was killed inside his cell by another inmate at the DeKalb county Jail. There are different […]


Bev Smith

On the Bev Smith Show Today (10/21) She talks about Getting out to vote for the up and comming elections and What is the role of the Black press today?



Is There Any Such Thing As An Affordable Porsche…That’s Fun To Drive?

Before I could answer that question, I had to consider two things: 1. What is affordable and 2. How does one quantify “fun”? For the avid Porsche connoisseur, the immediate reaction would probably be, “sure, […]



What Is “The Pursuit of Perfection”?

On a recent broadcast of the AutoNsider, we discussed how 2014 has seen unprecedented growth in the luxury auto market. Brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Cadillac and Lexus are among the most desirable […]


In The Lab

Who Is The AutoNsider?

Great question… Automobiles have been my passion since I was old enough to read a magazine. My dad subscribed to Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Road and Track. I was such a “motorhead” that […]


music crew

Too Much Truth – Music Education Group, Inc. Overview

Today on the show we had special guests Ric Ross (Capitol Music), Reginald Crossley (Fulton Co. Youth Commissioner Coordinator), and Dawn Ross (Fulton Co. Human Services Department) from Music Education Group (MEG). Music Education Group […]