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More Syringes Found At Walmart

CARTERSVILLE, Ga (AJC)- Two more syringes have been found in clothing at a Walmart in Cartersville, the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office said Saturday. The syringes were found this week in the pocket of a nightgown […]


Wal Mart Bucks Retail Downward Trend And Post Increase In January Sales

Wal-Mart Employee Stabbed

Cartersville, Ga. (AJC)-A Walmart employee was stabbed by a woman attempting to shoplift items from the Cartersville store, Bartow County police said Sunday. But the woman was quickly taken into custody, thanks to two off-duty […]


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Walmart Customers Pricked With Needles

ATLANTA (WAOK)- Two Walmart customers in Cartersville, near Atlanta say they were pricked with syringes, hidden in clothing inside a store on Market Place Boulevard in Bartow county. One woman said while shopping at the […]


Ready, Set, Pink! Event At Bloomingdale's Bergen County

Teen Needs Dental Work After Salon Brawl

SNELLVILLE, Ga (WAOK/AJC)-A 17 year old teen from Snellville needs dental work after she was caught in a brawl at the nail salon in Walmart. “Ashley” had her two front teeth cracked when she was […]


Second Hand Boutique Store Sees Boom In Business Despite Recession

Frugal Fashion: Back to School on a Budget

Deciding on a school outfit is a tough decision. This is how to look like a million bucks while spending a lot less.


Is Wal-Mart Gonna Pay for the Ladies?

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether the largest sex-discrimation case in history can proceed against Wal-Mart stores.