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No Female Students Move On To Next Phase Of Army Ranger School

None of the eight female students will be moving to the next level of the U.S. Army’s Ranger School after their second attempt, according to officials from Fort Benning.


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Keepin’ It Real with Rev. Al Sharpton: U.S. Military Force in Foreign Countries

On today’s show Al Sharpton was joined by Dr. Charles Ogletree. In the first segment they reflected on Trayvon Martin, in honor of today being the 2nd anniversary since his tragic death. Afterwards, they discussed […]


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Interviews With Veterans: What Memorial Day Means From A Hero’s Perspective

How do you celebrate Memorial Day, and what does this federal holiday mean to you and your family? Read what some of our country’s veterans had to say about Memorial Day, patriotism and what this annual holiday means to them.



Too Much Truth Recap: Should Women Serve in Combat?

According to, (CBS News) The U.S. Military is making one of the biggest policy changes in its history. CBS News learned Tuesday the Defense Department is lifting its ban on women serving in combat. […]