Troy West

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Cracker Barrel Victim Sentenced in Attack on Another Woman

ATLANTA (WAOK)- The Jonesboro woman who was the victim of an attack by a white man at a Morrow Cracker Barrel restaurant in 2009 was back in court Friday, this time being sentenced herself for attacking […]


Troy Dale West is a Free Man

After serving less than 2 months of a 6 month sentence for assaulting Reservist Tasha Hill, Troy West walked out of prison a free man.


Cracker Barrel Secret Recording: Was Tasha Hill's case DOOMED from the Start?

Well we brought it to you on Tuesday. The scandalous audio from a meeting with Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson and Kipp Jones, former attorney to Tasha Hill. Click MORE to hear the […]


Six Months in Jail

Troy West plea bargains the charge of assaulting an African American Army Reservist down to three misdemeanors for a lighter sentence.


It's a Too Much Truth Recap: Cracker Barrel Case

We’re in day 3 of the Cracker Barrel Case with Tasha Hill vs. Troy Dale West. Click MORE to hear the latest…


Too Much Truth Recap: Opening Arguments Start Tomorrow!!!

In the case of Tasha Smith Vs. Troy Dale West, the opening arguments WILL begin tomorrow. Click MORE to hear the latest…