texting while driving

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Study: Texting And Driving Leading Cause Of Death For Teens

ATLANTA (WAOK) – A new study shows texting and driving is now the leading cause of death among teens, surpassing drinking and driving. A report issued by Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York estimates […]



Distracted Driving: What’s the Government’s Role in Accident Prevention?

Saturday’s show focused on the danger’s of “distracted driving”. We discussed such distractions as passenger’s, daydreaming, pet’s, small children, talking on cell phones, tv/movie watching, texting and most recently, manufacturer installed “infotainment” systems. Missing from […]


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CDC: Older Teens Often Text Behind The Wheel

ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) – Health officials say more than half of high school seniors admit they text or email while driving. That’s from the first government statistics on how common the dangerous habit is in teens. An […]


Obama Wants to Put A Stop To Distracted Drivers!

The Obama administration says it will take more than new laws to make sure drivers keep their eyes on the road.


Texting While Driving Comes at A Price

Texting while driving on Georgia roads will now come at price.


30 Days to Break the Habit

Even though the new law making texting while driving illegal has taken effect, Georgia State Patrol officers say they will give driver 30 days to get used to the change.


Now It Is The Law

Governor signs bill into law