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Teen Sex

Teens safe sex

Teenage Promiscuity, The Real Waiting Game (3/11/12)

More and more teenagers are engaging in sexual relationships today than ever before. Show’s like “16 and Pregnant” and “Team Mom” show one side of the societal effects of teens sexual relationships. But while the […]


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Latest on Amber Cole Investigation

ATLANTA (WAOK)-After a week of viral videos and town hall meetings the topic of Amber Cole’s sex tape is still pretty hot. There have been fake Twitter accounts posting information on the case, fake reports […]


Broadcast Interrupted

We Interrupt This Broadcast For A Special Report…

Today was a very special and serious day for the V-103/WAOK family, as the Frank & Wanda Morning Show joined forces with Lorraine Jacques White’s Powertalk to address the alarming reports regarding the actions of […]



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