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Tailgater Profile Of Falcons ‘Superfan’ Gerard Grimes

Gerard Grimes knows how to throw a tailgate and he and his group proves it each and every home game at the Georgia Dome.



The 10 Commandments of Tailgating in Atlanta

Tailgating should be fun for all involved, so if you follow these 10 rules you should have a great gathering with your friends and other fans.



Five Tailgating Gadgets Every Falcons Fan Should Own

Be the envy of fellow tailgaters at the Georgia Dome with these unique tailgating gadgets.



Tailgating Parking Tips At The Georgia Dome

If you plan on doing some tailgating at the Georgia Dome this season, read this first. The who, what, where and how of tailgating at an Atlanta Falcons game is all laid out.



The Five Best Grills for Tailgating in Atlanta

Get grillin’ this season at Atlanta Falcons tailgates, as here is your gameplan to down even the toughest recipes.


Add Some Regional Spices To Your Next Tailgate

Kick off the tailgating season in style by adding some regional spices and sauces to your tailgate party.


Denver Broncos v Green Bay Packers

Tailgating: An Intro To The Fine Art Of Fandom

Tailgating is an American institution and a true display of what it means to be a fan. Did we mention there’s usually lots of beer?


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Social Media Collides With Traditional Tailgating

Much has been made in the last decade of how this generation lacks the focus and work ethic of generations past. And, to that end, studies have been done to offer some tangible proof as […]


(credit: Robyn Lindars/Tailgate Fan)

Grill Grrrl Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Slider With Blue Cheese Dip

This is a quick and easy slider that will satisfy your urge for buffalo chicken, without all the mess of frying. Pair with arugula, dill pickles and blue cheese dip and you have a perfect […]


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Famous People You Might See At A Tailgate

You typically don’t think of an early morning tailgate as an event most celebrities would care to be a part of, but you’d be surprised. There have been tales of actual sightings of some famous […]