Mental Care Ordered For NC Man Ahead Of Terror Support Trial A federal judge on Wednesday ordered psychiatric treatment for a North Carolina man so that he might be competent to stand trial on a charge that he sought to join an al-Qaida-linked militant group in Syria.
Scientists Find 6,000-Year-Old Parasite EggThe egg of a water-borne flatworm was found in a child's ancient tomb in modern-day Syria.
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Carter Backs Diplomacy Plan To Disarm Syria Former President Jimmy Carter says he believes the best path forward in Syria is for the United States to work out a deal with Russia for Syria to give up its chemical weapons.
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Dem Rep: I'm 'Deeply Skeptical' Using Force Against Syria In Nation's InterestU.S. Rep. Hank Johnson says he's "deeply skeptical" that using force against Syria is in the nation's interest.
Gingrey: U.S. Must Not Get 'Mired Down' In SyriaU.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey says President Obama is right to seek congressional approval before a military strike on Syria.
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