Stock image of police searching for victims. (Credit:  ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Georgia Woman’s Body Found In Creek After Storm

Authorities say violent storms in Georgia killed an 83-year-old woman whose body was washed into a creek after she tried to take shelter in a drainage pipe.


stock image of house damaged by winds. (Credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

Strong Winds From Storm Damages Home In North Georgia

ATLANTA (AP) — A strong storm system swept across north Georgia on Friday, prompting a series of tornado warnings and a report that a home inHaralsonCountyhad collapsed.


winter in atlanta (2)

The State of Georgia Spends Millions For Future Snow Storms

ATLANTA (WAOK/AJC)-The state of Georgia has spent more than $2.5 million in preparation for possible future snow storms. Officials of the Department of Transportation (DOT) said they wanted to be prepared with more snow plows […]


Southern Florida Under Tropical Storm Watch

Forecasters Watch Path of Hurricane Irene

ATLANTA (WAOK)-Hurricane Irene is churning in the Caribbean headed in the direction of the U.S. east coast. It’s looking less likely however, that the Georgia coast will take a direct hit  from the storm. Forecasters […]


Home For The Holidays…..NOT!!!

If you were flying out of New York chances are you did not make it home for the Holidays, but spent it in one of the state’s three major airports.


Storm Wrecks Parts Of Metro Atlanta

It was like a scene out of Kansas….


This Isn't Your Grandma's Storm

The Midwest is dealing with an extraordinary storm, and not the good “extraordinary”.


Trouble headed to the Gulf

Alex may be a BIG Problem in the Gulf