State of the Black Dollar

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Going Green In A Black Community

“Going Green”… over the years, those two words have become synonymous in meaning and purpose. It’s a movement that has taken over the promotional direction of products, services and jobs. Today, on POWERTALK w/ Lorraine […]


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State Of The Black Dollar: The Truth About Credit

On today’s POWERTALK w/ Lorraine Jacques White, CNN Financial Analyst, Clyde Anderson, stopped by to talk to our audience about the truths, myths and pros & cons of credit. There’s a lot we DO know, […]


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Why Are Black People Always Broke?

Yeah… it’s a tough question, but it was the base of today’s STATE OF THE BLACK DOLLAR conversation! Our guest, Black Enterprise contributing writer, Eric Grant, was on hand to guide our thoughts as we […]


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State of the Black Dollar – Willie Jolley

Today, on POWERTALK w/ Lorraine Jacques White, we had PART 2 of our series State of the Black Dollar. Today’s guest was motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Willie Jolley, who had much to say on how the […]


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State of the Black Dollar – Dr. Dennis Kimbro

This week on POWERTALK, we are talking about the STATE OF THE BLACK DOLLAR! Some of the nation’s most prolific minds, when it comes to money matters, are stopping by our show to share ideas […]