Atlanta Mayor Announces Tool To Let Public Track SpendingAtlanta's mayor has announced the development of a tool that she says will allow anyone to track the city's spending.
Valentine's Day SpendingHere’s a look at results from a recent National Retail Federation survey on just how much Americans are spending on Valentine's Day.
Study: Increase In Marriages Would Help EconomyA recent study suggests that increases in the rates at which people get married would help the economy, as married people tend to spend more.
How To Spend Your Tax RefundThe best part of paying your taxes is probably getting your refund check.
Financial Absolutes - Beans and Rice concept works for the bean and rice minded people.
Subdued Mood On The Last Holiday Shopping Weekend Christmas shoppers thronged malls and pounced on discounts but apparently spent less this year, their spirits dampened by concerns about the economy and the aftermath of shootings and storms.

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