Is Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Dangerous? Biologist Says YesAccording to a professor at the University of California, San Francisco, marijuana smoke is three times worse for the arterial walls than cigarette smoke.
FDA Releases Plan To Cut Nicotine In CigarettesThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced their plan to drastically cut the amount of nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes.
Experts: Increase In Cigarette Production Linked To Disposable IncomeExperts say that a recent hike in American cigarette production may be linked to people having more disposable income.
Study: Children More Likely To Have Asthma If Grandmothers SmokedChildren are more likely to suffer from asthma if their grandmothers smoked during pregnancy, according to new research.
Study: Smokers 50 Percent More Likely To Suffer From DementiaA new study finds that 50 percent of smokers are more likely to suffer from dementia.
Study: Lack Of Exercise Will Kill As Many As SmokingBritish study warns that the health consequences of inactivity are as bad as smoking.
Hawaii Becomes First State To Raise Legal Smoking Age To 21Hawaii's governor has signed a bill to make his state the first to raise the legal smoking age to 21.
Study: Smokers May Tap Into Multiple Sources For NicotineA major study on American smoking habits suggests e-cigarettes are often used to get a nicotine fix in places where taking a puff is usually frowned upon.
Study: E-Cigarettes May Lure Teens Into Traditional SmokingTeens who use e-cigarettes may be lured into traditional smoking, a new study finds.
Study: Government Anti-Smoking Campaign Cost $480 Per Smoker Who QuitTwo new studies found that the health care cost of smoking is higher than previously thought and that a governmental program has been cost-effective in getting smokers to quit.
Doctors Warn Sitting Disease Could Become The New SmokingBut that efficiency can be deadly. For years, health experts have been warning about sitting disease, where sitting for long periods of time glue to your office seat, car seat, or in front of the TV could be hazardous.
Study: Smoking Causes 14 Million Medical Conditions In US YearlySmoking causes about 14 million major medical conditions to adults in the US every year, a new study finds.

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