Empty Courtroom

State Panel To Discuss Prevention Of Infant ‘Co-Sleeping’

A state panel plans to discuss ways to educate parents about the dangers of sleeping in the same bed as infants.


Police Sirens

Police Fear Gunman May Be Targeting Homeless

ATLANTA (AP) — After two men were shot and killed as they slept outside in Atlanta, police say they fear a gunman might be targeting homeless people. The latest killing happened late Tuesday or early […]



The Six Best Hotel Beds For Shut-Eye

Check out these hotel beds around the world that help you get the best possible night’s sleep.


Mug shots of Kenneth Dwayne Lee, left, and April Lynn Morris. (credit: Hall County Sheriff's Office)

Cops: Burglars Caught Napping After Breaking Into Home

Two Gainesville burglars were caught sleeping on the job.