Skin Cancer

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Surgeon General: Tanning Is Behind Sharp Spike in Skin Cancer Rates

As rates of other cancers have declined, rates of the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, have increased more than 200 percent from 1973 to 2011, according to a new “Call to Action” report from the Surgeon General’s Office.


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Government Proposes New Guidelines For Vitamin D Screening

Many doctors still believe that screening and vitamin D supplements are important for good health.


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May Is Melanoma Awareness Month

After the long winter, it’s not a surprise everyone is gearing up to enjoy some fun outdoors this summer. Before heading out to catch some rays, think about protecting your skin.


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Study: Viagra Can Increase Risk Of Developing Skin Cancer

According to a recent study, men who take Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction could have an increased risk of developing melanoma.


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Study: Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer May Lead To Other Types Of Cancer

According to a recent study, people who contract nonmelanoma skin cancer by the age of 25 face an increased risk of eventually developing melanoma or other types of cancer.


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Teens’ Indoor Tanning Tied To Other Risky Behavior

Study suggests teens who tan more likely to smoke, binge drink and engage in unsafe sex.


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Study: Regular Alcohol Drinkers Have Increased Risk Of Developing Skin Cancer

A new study has found that regular alcohol drinkers have an increased risk of developing skin cancer.


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The Risks Of Sun Exposure And How To Protect Your Skin This Summer

Now that sun exposure is considered a cancer risk on the same level with tobacco and asbestos, it’s time to get serious about protecting yourself.