Al Sharpton: Hot Button Mondays, Remembering Muhammad Ali"Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like Bee" Al Sharpton Reflects on Muhammad Ali, Also Donald Trump is at it Again.
Exhale Fridays on Keeping it Real with Rev. Al SharptonRev. Sharpton goes in depth with Clinton and Sanders voting history and allows you to chime in as well on WAOK.
Keeping It Real with Rev. Al SharptonBernie Sanders strikes back at Hillary Clinton after Clinton states that Sanders is not qualified to be the President with a less than admirable knowledge of foreign affairs.
Keepin' It Real with Reverend Al Sharpton: Hot Button Monday
Keepin' It Real with Al Sharpton: Political War on Women
Keepin' It Real w/ Al Sharpton: "Nelson Mandela--Lessons Learned and the Distortion of History"

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