Senior Citizens


Too Much Truth: Friendship Towers Still Without Air

On Too Much Truth, we discussed the seniors living in Friendship Towers are still without air. It has been a month since Derrick got involved with this matter and nothing has been resolved as of […]


Too Much Truth: Seniors Suffering Without AC

On Too Much Truth, we discussed that the senior citizens living in the Friendship Towers in Downtown, Atlanta are going without air conditioning. The air has been out all week and the AC unit it […]


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How To Plan A Trip With Your Grandchildren

Here are five great tips towards helping you plan the best and safest trip with your loving grandchildren.


seniors cruise ship sex condoms

British Travel Guide Warns Seniors About Dangers Of Unprotected Sex

A British government brochure on cruises warns seniors to wear condoms before engaging in casual sex because of STD dangers.


Government Shutdown

Problems Loom for Meal Programs Amidst Government Shutdown

ATLANTA (WAOK/AJC) — After losing upwards of 15% of their funding due to across-the-board federal spending cuts that occurred earlier this year, the Gainesville-Hall Community Service Center, which provides daily lunches to Meals on Wheels […]


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Elderly Voters Happy They Are Not In Danger Of Being Removed From Voter Rolls

FULTON COUNTY, GA (CBS ATL/WAOK) Hundreds of senior citizens were in danger of losing their right to vote in the upcoming elections, until Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort, intervened with the board of elections. Seniors who live […]


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Senior Citizens Robbed in Metro Area

SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (AP) – Police in two Georgia counties are searching for a 45-year-old man they say targeted senior women and robbed them in store parking lots. Sandy Springs police report the suspect is […]



Seniors Learn How to Use the Internet

ATLANTA (WAOK)-The Atlanta Housing Authority this week became the first city to offer seniors living in all of its  properties the opportunity to learn how to use the internet without the use of federal grant money. AHA […]