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Renowned Celebrity Entertainment Attorney JOEL KATZ Honored By ORT Atlanta

Mayor Announces Curfew For This Summer

Atlanta (WAOK) - Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, Police Chief George Turner and MARTA officials put parents on notice today that this summer could be expensive to them if they don’t keep track of their children. City officials […]


Increased Security for Holiday Travel

  Just days away from the anniversary of the Christmas Day bombing attempt, the TSA says it is fully staffed and working around the clock to keep everyone safe. The AP’s Robert Ray has more […]


Rob Redding: Are the new flight security measures sucking the fun out of flying?

Remember when flying used to be fun? Remember when you actually had a good time getting on planes and travelling around the world? Rob Redding does. When did it all change? Click here for more…


Something Thrown at the President!

Not a shoe (like the one thrown at President Bush) but a book. Check out the video from the Associated Press


Hide The Plutonium!

Changes are needed to keep terrorists out of nuclear plants.