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Occupy Atlanta and SCLC Work Together

ATLANTA) The world’s premier non-violence civil rights organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference [SCLC], which was spearheaded by Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr., has agreed to mentor and coach and consult the upstart Occupy Atlanta Movement. […]


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Funeral Services for Shuttlesworth Monday

ATLANTA (WAOK/Washington Post)-The Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, co-founder and former president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, died back on October 5, 2011. He will be buried Monday October 31, some 3 weeks after his […]


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SCLC President Dies-UPDATE Funeral Services Announced

ATLANTA (WAOK)- The Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s president, Reverend Howard Creecy Jr., has died. SCLC officials say  Creecy died of an apparent heart attack in Atlanta Thursday morning. Creecy, also the pastor of Olivet Church in […]


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Bernice King Says “Thanks But No Thanks” to SCLC

According to the AJC: Fifteen months after her election, Bernice King,  has declined the position of president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. King said in a written statement Friday that her decision came “after […]


Who's Gonna Lead The SCLC?

The debate over who should lead the SCLC continues…


Prayer Vigil For SCLC Is Tonight!!!

King led prayer vigil scheduled for tonight at Ebenezer Baptist Church…


Rev. Bernice King tells SCLC to End Bickering

After nearly 10 months of silence, the Rev. Bernice King is telling the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to end bitter infighting that has split the group.


SCLC Case Heads to Judge-FINALLY!

A dispute over the leadership of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is finally headed for a judge.


Powertalk Wrap Up 5/18 Markell Hutchins

The Rev. Markel Hutchins, who insists he’s the interim president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, welded shut the SCLC’s back door and padlocked the parking lot gate Monday night. Hutchins called in to discuss the issue with […]