School Shooting

File photo of an elementary school bus. (Photo by DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

Woman Arrested After Remark About Shooting At School

Authorities arrested a woman in southeast Alabama after a remark about shooting prompted a security lockdown at an elementary school.


Sandy Hook School

Opinion: Guns

Following the events in Connecticut last Friday, there is a fundamental question that keeps crossing my mind: Why did this have to happen? How many more schools need to be shot up before we act? How many children need to die over a Constitutional Amendment that addressed the right for Americans to possess muskets?


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Death Toll Rises To Two In Ohio School Shooting

Today on Rob Redding News Review, Rob gives us an update on the shooting as we just learned that another victim as died from the shooting. We also have more details on the student who […]



One Student Killed, And Four Others Wounded At High School Shooting

This morning in Ohio, shots rang out at another high school, killing one teen and injuring four other students. The shooting took place at Chardon High School, as many students ran for safety from their […]