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The Sports Kings: Harrison Shoots From The Hip!

(WAOK-Atlanta)  –  Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is stepping up his verbal assault on National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell. The pro bowler is quoted in next month’s issue of “Men’s Journal” magazine calling Goodell […]


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The Sports Kings: Is NFL Lockout Finally Coming To An End?

The NFL lockout might be in its final weeks.  According to a report published today on ESPN, there could be a collective bargaining agreement in place between the NFL and its players in time for […]



NFL To Lockout Tonight Unless…..

Tonight’s the night the NFL could lock out its players.  The Collective Bargaining Agreement between the league and its Players Association expires at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.  At midnight, NFL owners could lock the players out […]


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NFL Fans Say Show Me The Money!!!

The NFL is offering five-thousand dollars to fans who were turned away from their Super Bowl seats.  According to published reports, Commissioner Roger Goodell e-mailed the 400 fans to offer them the money. Over 12-hundred […]