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Super Tuesday Is Over…Which Republican Candidate Do You Think Will Be The Most Challenging For President Obama To Beat?

Today on Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques White, we talked about the results from Super Tuesday.  Newt Gingrich had a great night, and many are now questioning his potential in this campaign.  Also, there has […]


Church Hurt

There’s No Hurt… Like Church Hurt

Church hurt is a growing issue in churches worldwide. Personal attacks within the body of Christ that bruise faith and souls are taking place from the sanctuaries right on into the pulpits, and the trend, […]



The Hate Debate: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

THE HATE DEBATE CONTINUES!!!! Last week, on Powertalk w/ Lorraine Jacques White, we addressed the issue of “Why Women Hate Each Other“… well, the uproar continued waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay after the show and offered a slightly different […]


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Powertalk Wrap-Up!!! Featuring Ashley Bell and Kenneth Walker

Commissioner Ashley Bell and Rev. Kenneth Walker Joined Powertalk Today To Discuss The Hope Scholarship… With College costs and enrollment are rising in the state, Governor Nathan Deal is proposing to cut back on the […]


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Powertalk Wrap Up! Crisis In Egypt!

Rev. Kenneth Walker gave a profound analysis of why African Americans should pay close attention to the Egyptian Crisis. The World is watching how President Obama handles this situation. Listen to Powertalk 6-9 a.m. News […]