Donovan Carter aka Vernon Littlefield from Ballers Joins Dukes and BellDonovan Carter aka Vernon Littlefield from Ballers Joins Dukes and Bell to talk about Ballers, his acting career, UCLA Football and the Redskins.
Fran Charles from MLB Network
Keidel: Hail On The RedskinsUncle Sam dipped his beak in the NFL waters this week, making a statement about football's most controversial franchise
Chris Russell: "I Did Quit For Four Hours"
Keidel: The NFL, 'N' Word, And CensorshipThe NFL is considering a heavy tax on it, citing the fact that the gridiron is a workplace, and thus they can control the language and lexicon of its players. It's probably the most delicate and toxic topic we'll ever discuss in sports.
Redskins Hire Jay Gruden As Next Head Coach
Redskins, Retirement, Tanking and “Shutting Down Players”… Tony Gonzalez Talks About Them All
The Night Show 12-11-13: Nick Saban, RG3, Dirk Koetter, And Chinese Food
What is Really going on with RG3? Carl Dukes -Put'em Up
Keidel: Fail To The RedskinsWhen I first heard the cacophonous call for Daniel Snyder to change the name of his football team, I cringed. It felt like the sport we worshiped since childhood was under siege, crushed by the tide of groupthink.
NFL Week 1 Recap on Overtime: Biggest Surprises and Disappointments
Len Pasquarelli, NFL Insider, "One Of The More Pleasant Surprises Of The Saturday Game Was The Pressure The Falcons Got"

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