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Redding News Review

Redding News Review October 3

Redding proves Republicans/conservatives are holding back on jobs


Redding News Review 9-19

Rob Redding has something to say about the woman who has now admitted that she threw acid into her OWN face after first saying that a black woman attacked her.


Redding News Review

Redding  speaks out on two burned Korans


Redding Says Planning Solves the Problem

Rob Redding talks to listeners who were in D.C. at the “Redeem the Dream” Rally about the lack of planning that lead to the opportunity for Glenn Beck to hold a rally at the Lincoln […]


Beck Apologizes for Calling Obama Racist

From the Redding News Review


Redding News Review Sunday Aug. 15

Rob Redding says Dr. Laura should be fired for using the “N” word on her national talk show.


Redding News Review 8/8

Rob Redding has a message for President Barack Obama


Redding News Review Sunday August 1

Rob Redding explains why people who call themselves biracial want the president’s support, and why he should not give it to them.


Rob Redding Says "Heads Should Roll" Over Sherrod Case

Find out who should get the axe!!!


Redding News Review July 18

Did you miss Redding News Review on Sunday night? Here is a portion of the show with Rob Redding discussing the NAACP problems with the Tea Party.





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