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The Battle Of The Black Race: Is There A Division In The Black Race Between the Bourgeois Blacks And Urban Blacks?

Today on Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White, we took a closer look at the division of the black race.  Earlier this week we spoke with nationally recognized MSNBC Journalist Toure` about his new book “Are You […]


Civil War-Era Slave Auction Re-Enacted At St. Louis Courthouse

Another Gwinnett County School in Trouble Over Slavery

LILBURN, Ga (WAOK)-Parents at another Gwinnett County elementary school are upset after, they say, a teacher organized and participated in a game with children involving slavery reenactment. At least two third-grade students from Camp Creek […]



Lowery Says Obama Is Being Thwarted By ‘Racism’

Rev. Joseph Lowery was a special guest on the Rob Redding show, and he states that the reason why President Obama is “failing” is because he is dealing a lot of racism. He states that “People who […]


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Too Much Truth Recap: Principal Speaks Out, and So Does the Community!

In a recent statement issued by Principal Jose DeJesus, many community leaders and parents still are not satisfied. In fact they still want the teachers responsible fired. Today we had the pleasure of speaking with […]


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Parents Protest Slavery Math Lesson

Gwinnett, Co. (WAOK/AJC)-WAOK Talk show host and community activist Derrick Boazman led a group of parents in a protest outside of the Beaver Ridge Elementary school Tuesday after a lesson on Frederick Douglass prompted third-grade teachers […]


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A “Tea Party Member” Threatens The President And Called His Children “Monkeys”

It is no secret that there have been increased racial attacks against President Obama. Now the attacks have taken another turn as a member of the Tea Party has threatened to assassinate the President and his family.  Click […]



Racism In The Democratic Party

Today, Rob Redding wanted to address a letter that was written about President Obama. The letter was extremely disrespectful, degrading and racist. To add insult to injury, the individual who wrote the letter is a […]


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Rally in Jackson for Murdered Man

ATLANTA (WAOK)-Gerald Rose, president of the Atlanta based New Order Human Rights Organization, held a press conference and rally Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011, near a memorial for Jackson resident James Craig Anderson, who died after […]


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Atlanta Human Rights Group Protests Racially Motivated Murder in Mississippi-UPDATE

Update: The FBI has opened a civil rights investigation into the death of a black man who Mississippi authorities say was intentionally run down by a white teenager in a pickup truck. Deborah Madden, an […]


Deliberation in the Case of Alleged Racism and Obama

Atlanta (AP)- Jurors in Massachusetts begin deliberating Tuesday the fate of a man accused of burning a predominantly black church after Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. The defendant and two friends are charged […]