The NFL Hurry Up: QB TalkJohn and Hugh discuss the new QBs across the NFL. How will Brock fair in Houston? Do the Cleveland Browns need to draft a QB? How will Colin Kaepernick potentially...
Chuckery: Ranking The SEC Starting QB's For This Season
John Michaels: Top 5 College QBs In 2015
Rosenhaus: Top 5 Quarterbacks In The NFL Draft
Jon Chuckery: Top 5 QBs In The SEC West
Chuckery: Ranking the SEC East QBs thus far
Fantasy Football: Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks To DraftIt's a poorly-kept secret that the Seattle Seahawks don't mind taking a penalty flag or two for pass interference or defensive holding in exchange for five or six no-calls on borderline plays. Supposedly, the NFL will be cracking down on physical play in the defensive backfield. If true-and that's a big if-it could mean even bigger numbers for the quarterbacks.
Hub Arkush,, On The Falcons: "There's A Good Chance This Team Can Go 9-3 The Rest Of The way"
Rachel Baribeau: Tebow in Foxboro? Holy Cow!
Rob Rang, "The Most Likely Scenario Is A Cornerback"
Dane Brugler, Draft Expert: "Cornerback Seems Like It Makes The Most Sense"
Fantasy Football: Top 10 NFL QuarterbacksThe keyword is "upside." And these guys have it. Here are the top 10 fantasy football quarterbacks for the 2012 NFL season.

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