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Too Much Truth Recap: Were Going Back to Union City!!

Join Us As We March on Union City-City Hall to Break the Silence! Join us on Tuesday, January 17th @ 6:00pm AND PLEASE WERE ALL BLACK!! We will bring justice to Ariston Waiters!! To here […]


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Parents Protest Slavery Math Lesson

Gwinnett, Co. (WAOK/AJC)-WAOK Talk show host and community activist Derrick Boazman led a group of parents in a protest outside of the Beaver Ridge Elementary school Tuesday after a lesson on Frederick Douglass prompted third-grade teachers […]



Too Much Truth Recap: Third Grade Math Assignment Uses Slavery Analogy

Nine third-grade math teachers in Gwinnett County, have caused an uproar by giving their students assignments using examples involving slavery and the beating of Fredrick Douglass as analogies for solving math problems, according to multiple […]



Students Protest for Illegal Immigrant Education

Atlanta (AP)- A group of students have been detained by Atlanta police after committing what police say is an act of civil disobedience to bring attention to rights for illegal immigrants. The eight students sat in the […]


Illegals Go HOME!

Arizonans come out in support of the new law to send illegal immigrants back to their own countries.