Study: Wealthy And Impoverished Get Different Types Of CancerA new study shows the level of poverty or wealth in an area may affect the types of cancers people get.
New Measure Places Poverty Rate At 1 to 6
Dr. Cornel West on Obama: "Rockefeller Republican In Blackface"
Opinion: Romney Denigrates 47% Not Paying Taxes As He Uses Loopholes Trying To Do The SameMitt Romney, if you want to talk about mooches and freeloaders that take advantage of the system then grow a spine and show America your tax returns. Let's see what you really pay as a percentage. Let's see what deductions you take. Let's see how addicted to federal benefits you are.
You Can Help This Family Stay Together
Join Us For Hunger Walk
Atlanta Tops List: Widest Gap between Rich and Poor
Hosea Feed The Hungry Dinner Moves To New Location
More Than Half Million Georgia Kids Live in Poverty
Wal Mart is Coming to the West Side
Rev. Jesse Jackson, Pushes For Jobs
America's Child Poverty Rate is UP

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