Study: Wealthy And Impoverished Get Different Types Of CancerA new study shows the level of poverty or wealth in an area may affect the types of cancers people get.
Governor Approves $4 Million To Fund Conflict-Free Lawyers For Poor Georgia's governor has signed an executive order to provide $4 million to fund conflict-free legal representation for poor defendants.
Dr. Cornel West on Obama: "Rockefeller Republican In Blackface"
Romney: Obama Can't Help Poor, Middle ClassRepublican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told donors Wednesday that he cares about the poor and middle class as he tried to stem criticism and address concern from within his own party over secretly-recorded comments that he doesn't need to worry about the half of the country that doesn't pay federal income taxes.
Ronald Reagan's Theory: The Return Of The Welfare Queen
More Heating Help On The Way
Atlanta Tops List: Widest Gap between Rich and Poor
Powertalk Wrap Up! Attorney Ashley Bell!

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