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Study: Women Entering Pregnancy In Poor Health Less Likely To Breastfeed

More women in the United States are choosing to breastfeed their kids. But new research from the University of Minnesota is shedding some light on the overall health of pregnant women.



Sidney Wood Show: The Single Parent Coalition

Today on the Sidney Wood Show we discussed the legal issues of single parents. One of our guests from “The Single Parent Academy” is a single mother who had issues in the court system and […]


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“Mommy I Want To A Boy”: Do You Think Children Should Be Allowed To Have A Sex Change?

Today on Powertalk with Lorraine Jacques-White we discussed the growing trend of children being allowed to have a sex change.  In many states lawmakers are considering giving children the freedom to have a sex change […]


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Reflections on Fatherhood

They say father knows best, but one thing is for sure, it sometimes takes a long time for dads to learn the ropes. One dad shares his reflections on fatherhood and offers fatherly advice.