The DogGone Football Podcast With Jarvis And Bunk Episode 19The guys started off by talking about BigBoi's new album getting ready to drop, and Jarvis didn't seem too excited. Jarvis and Bunk then talked about the latest news coming out of Flowery Branch. They wrapped things up with their 'Dumbest DogGone Take' of the week...
The DogGone Football Podcast With Jarvis And Bunk Episode 10Jarvis and Andy talked about the NFL rule changes, why owners won't pay for stadiums, and they give their Dumbest DogGone take of the week. They also determine what was the better album between Speakerboxxx and Love Below...
Five Reasons to Bonnaro
Hangout Music Fest 2014 – Day 3
CounterPoint Festival-Day 3
CounterPoint Festival--Day 2
CounterPoint Festival--Day 1
Andre 3000's Mother Dies
Outkast's Big Boi On What Rappers Can Learn From Mumford & Sons: "Their Music Is Filled With Feeling"Outkast rapper Big Boi is a smart guy who uses Mumford & Sons as a great example for other aspiring artists to follow, including rappers. Since nothing says "keeping it real" like a banjo and some mandolins. Seriously though!

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