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Preacher’s Of LA , “From The Streets To The Pulpit ” Bishop Ron Gibson

On PowerTalk with Lorraine Jacques-White today we discussed the lavish lives of the well known Preachers of LA, a new reality TV show airing on oxygen . Known for their fiery sermons, community outreach and […]


portrait of a father with his son (10-14) and daughter (8-10)

Powertalk: Do We Set The Bar Too Low For Dads?

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White the Month of August  is child support awareness month. We had special guest Demetria L.Lucas a writer for  Essense.com and 34-year-old Security Guard Daniel. Both of our guest had strong opinions about this issue. They debated on the controversial  topic […]



Founder Of Carol’s Daughter Lisa Price Talk About “Lisa Price Day” In Atlanta

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White our special guest was the dynamic , naturally beautiful entrepreneur,  Mrs. Carol’s Daughter herself  Lisa Price, a woman whose passion for fragrance led her into the kitchen to create “good for you” products, […]



Dekalb County School Workers Are Threatening To Strike

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White we touched on a topic that is brewing in Dekalb County. ” The bus drivers, custodians and cafeteria workers of Dekalb County School are protesting, in regards to cut their pay and lack […]


Mitt and Ann Romney (Photo credit: STAN HONDA/AFP/GettyImages)

Republician National Convention 2012

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White , it was all about the Republican National Convention last night in Tampa, Florida. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were officially nominated. The common theme of the evening was “Welfare Reform”. In […]



“The Fear Of A Black President”

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White we talked about the issues people may have with President Obama. The topic of our discussion was ” The Fear of a Black President”. We attempted to discuss the many […]


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Talk-Back Friday’s With Lorraine Jacques-White

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White it was Talk -Back Friday’s, we talked about the events that happened this week. The big story was the 2012 Republican National Convention located in Tampa Florida , and […]


Sisters In Law

Sister’s In Law Takes On Republican VP Candidate Paul Ryan

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White special guest Attorney’s Janice and Davida Mathis gave legal advise on political issues regarding a bold and risky move that energized both conservatives and their opponents. Mitt Romney  announced,  U.S.  Representative Paul Ryan […]


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Black Pastors Demand President Obama To Say No To Gay Marriages

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White  we talked about Gay Marriage, and a group of Pastors plot to force Obama to change his views on  marrying Gays. Our special guest was Rev. Bill Owens the CEO/ President […]



Powertalk: The Parent Vs Teacher Debate…..”White Teachers Care And Black Teacher Are Lazy”!

On Power Talk with Lorraine Jacques-White  we had a heated debate over who’s responsiblity it is to raise our children. The questions of the day were  Who holds majority of the responsibility when it come to raising and teaching a […]