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The Sidney Wood Show: Lot’s Of Great Interviews!

Today on the show we had ‘many’ great interviews that were put in place to keep ‘you’ informed! Interview #1: Attorney Lorenzo Williams interviewed via phone about his Client Roy Middleton, a Florida man that […]



Too Much Truth Recap:ObamaCare Has Been Passed

Obama Care has finally been approved and now Americans are cheering for joy. Attorney Eric Holder was found in contempt of congress to a document dispute and as it relates to the operation “Fast and Furious.” […]


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Officials: 3.1M Young Adults In US Gain Coverage

ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) –  U.S. health officials say the number of young adults with medical coverage grew by more than 3 million since the new health care overhaul took effect. The Affordable Care Act mandates that insurers […]


Rob Redding: The Lawsuits over Obama-care are rolling in…

There seems to be no end in sight! States are filing suits in rising numbers to turn over the efforts of President Obama’s Health Care reform. Find out why one case in Florida is drawing […]