Report: NFL Not Considering Eliminating Kickoffs This SeasonLeague executive vice president, Troy Vincent, said the NFL will instead focus on making adjustments to alignment and formation requirements.
Fan Essentials: New NFL Rule Changes For The Better?CBS Sports Radio hosts discuss the leagues most recent rule changes and what impact they think they will have on this season.
The DogGone Football Podcast With Jarvis And Bunk Episode 10Jarvis and Andy talked about the NFL rule changes, why owners won't pay for stadiums, and they give their Dumbest DogGone take of the week. They also determine what was the better album between Speakerboxxx and Love Below...
Falcons Report: Carl Dukes: " I Think It Has Gotten Worse"The guys talk about Roger Goodell and his comments about the Atlanta Falcons on today. Carl and Mike also discuss an opportunity the Falcons may have to pick up another draft pick.
Headlines: Mike Bell: "The Good News Is You Don't Lose A Pick"The guys talked about the news coming out of the NFL owners meetings. Roger Goodell spoke to the Atlanta Falcons' issues they had at the combine. They also talked about the possibility of Georgia Tech making it to the NIT championship game in New York...
Major NFL Rule Changes For 2014 SeasonThe biggest rule change of the 2014 NFL season won't require a single edit in the rule book. That's because, technically, it's not a change. The league has simply made aggressive play in the defensive backfield a "point of emphasis" Initiating contact five yards beyond the line of scrimmage and illegal hands to the face were always penalties, but now the NFL will be monitoring them more closely.
NFL Rule Changes For The 2012 SeasonThe NFL has further updated the rules, in the interest of fairness and player safety. See what's new for the 2012 season.

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