DogGone Football Podcast With Jarvis And Bunk Episode 21The guys started off by talking about NFL players being upset about players salaries in the NBA. Andy Bunker then proceeds to talk about how NFL owners could care less about how the players feel, and Jarvis went on his usual rant about anyone who has an opinion on Colin Kaepernick. They then give their DDT's of the week...
The Sports Kings: The Week In Review!
The Sports Kings: Let The Games Begin... Literally!
The Sports Kings: Roddy White Enters The Sports Kingdom!
The Sports Kings: The Inside Scoop On The NFL Lockout!
The Sports Kings: Today Could Be The Day!
The Sports Kings: NFL Could Resume Business Soon!
The Sports Kings: Harrison Shoots From The Hip!
The Sports Kings: Is NFL Lockout Finally Coming To An End?
The Sports Kings: Adam "Pacman" Jones Back In The News!
NFL Lockout Over!!! Well Kinda...
NFL To Lockout Tonight Unless.....

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