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Mo Ivory: Are You A Mannequin? (Attractive On The Outside, Empty On The Inside?)

I’m asking this question and writing this blog because of a conversation I was having with my co-worker, Big Tigger. Both Big Tigger and I are single. We often talk about relationships and the difficulties […]


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Mo Ivory: OK Beyonce – First We Run The World, Now We Should “Bow Down”?!

Off the top, let me say this: I’ve loved Beyonce; was right there in my living room watching the Super Bowl, attended a party to view the documentary and sat in admiration on the Mall […]


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Mo Ivory (In Louis Farrakhan Voice): Kendra G, My Poor Sister…

Kendra… Oh, Kendra… Sigh. OK, first things first: Thank you for reading and responding to my article. I am proud of you and all of the energy and contributions you’ve brought to CBS Radio Atlanta […]


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Mo Ivory: My New Pope Has Swag

I watched every minute of the selection process as the conclave consisting of 115 Catholic Cardinals from around the world selected a new pope to lead the Catholic Church. It felt like a presidential election, […]



Mo Ivory: I’m Mindless Behavior’s Biggest Fan

It’s so wonderful when I can spend time with my daughter Janie, doing something we both enjoy; going to concerts, listening to music and being with friends. On Saturday we went to a screening of […]


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Mo Ivory: Ladies…Who’s Hiding Under Your Weave?

March is Women’s History Month, making it an opportune time to invite all ladies to please, PLEASE, come out from under your weave! And if that automatically offends you, you are exactly who this article […]


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Mo Ivory: FINALLY Olivia Pope – No More Stolen Moments In Hotel Hallways And Coat Closets

The uncomfortable stare from the podium into the audience and nobody wondered who President Grant was staring at? The uncomfortable look on the face of the only black lady in the ballroom where the fundraiser […]


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Mo Ivory: “I May Not Be Able To Control My Erections Around You, But We Are Done!”

Did he say I can’t control my actions around you, or erections? WTH! Ah, the words every women wants to hear: “I may not be able to control my erections.” I listened to it five […]


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Mo Ivory: Who Needs Flowers And Candy…I Spent Valentine’s Day With President Obama!

I arrived when he told me to, they had my name at the door and I was allowed in immediately. I was told to stand and wait, so I did. First, we prayed, then we […]


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Mo Ivory: I Called Off My Engagement (I’m More Afraid Of Divorce Than Marriage)

We met at a barbecue in May 2010. We got engaged in December 2011. I called off the engagement in September 2012. Some called it courageous, some called it selfish. For me, it was the […]