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Dad Finds Son After Learning Of Abuse Allegations

ATLANTA (AP/WAOK) – A father’s search for his biological son ended when a Georgia detective called to tell him about a teenage boy police say was confined to his bedroom for years with little food. In […]


File photo of a jury box in a courtroom.  (credit: Thinkstock)

Georgia Couple Accused Of Confining Teen Son To Bedroom For Years Indicted

A grand jury has indicted a Georgia couple accused of confining their teenage son to a bedroom for years with little food.


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Paulding County Couple Charged With Abuse, Had Previous Issues

DALLAS – (WAOK/AJC) –  Investigators say a Paulding county couple,  now being held without bond for abusing their 18 year old son,   had previous allegations against them 3 years ago.  Paul and Sheila Comer are […]


File photo of a homeless shelter (Photo credit: JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)

Police: Abused Ga. Teen Exiled To Calif. With $200

A scrawny Georgia teen who was discovered at a bus station told police his abusive stepfather gave him $200 and a list of homeless shelters before he was put on a bus to Los Angeles on this 18th birthday, authorities said Thursday.