Mary Gill


Real Estate 101- The Do’s And Don’ts To Gun Ownership

Are you are home owner, and your thinking about buying a gun? Or do you have a gun, and you have little ones near by? Well this is the show for you. Mary Gill was […]



Real Estate 101- Supporting Black Business

Today on Real Estate 101, Mary Gill wanted to encourage her listeners to do a better job with supporting black businesses. On the show she talked to business owner, Sean Gavin. Not only is he […]



Real Estate 101: The Big Buyer Don’t!

Home buyers, Beware! Today on Real Estate 101, Mary Gill and her special guest, Greg Clements, gives the 411 on what not to do when you are purchasing a home. Especially if you are a […]


Black Real Estate Agents

Real Estate 101: How To Become An Agent

There are many important steps to real estate, and one of the key things that you need to become successful in buying a home is choosing the right agent. Here to help you achieve that goal is Kimani […]


money for school

Real Estate 101: Money Management

Today on Real Estate 101, Mary gets back to the basics of money management. Not only does she want to teach you the fundamentals of real estate, but she also wants you to become aware […]


George Williams Psychotherapist)

Real Estate 101: Are You Living In Fear?

Today on Real Estate 101, Mary Gill is joined by her good friend Mr. George Williams. He is a psychotherapists, and came by the studio to talk about the fear of owning a home. Believe it […]


CAM00815 (6)

Real Estate 101: Where We Are With The Sale Of Ft. McPherson

Last summer, the community was  in an uproar over the sale of Fort McPherson to movie mogul Tyler Perry. Many residents felt that the price that was offered was unfair and would leave the neighboring […]


mortgage pic

Real Estate 101: Can You Spot A Bad Mortgage

Today on Real Estate 101, Mary Gill has the information that you need in order to avoid getting into a bad situation when it comes to making your home purchase. Today she was joined by […]


mary and bio

Real Estate 101: This Show Will Change Your Life

Today on Real Estate 101, Mary Gill had a very informative show that could save your life.  She talked to the owner of Bio One, Paul Cervino. He gave very important information on how dangerous […]


Interior Therapy - Season 2

Real Estate 101- Mary Gill Talks Design With Mikel Welch

Need some tips on how to decorate you new home? Well today’s show was focused on how to transform your new living space into a comfortable atmosphere, under a tight budget. On the show was […]