Study: Gratitude Key Factor For Successful MarriageA key factor for marital success and improvement may be gratitude, according to new research.
Couples Who Have Children Before Marriage No More Likely To Get DivorcedAs societal norms change, it seems no longer taboo for couples to have children before getting married.
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GOP Presses State Bills Limiting Gay Rights Before RulingRepublican lawmakers are pushing legislation restricting gay rights even as the U.S. Supreme Court gets ready to decide whether same-sex couples can marry.
Study: Severity Of Marital Problems Stay Stable Over TimeThe severity and number of couples’ overall problems stay stable over time, even as their relationship dissatisfaction grows, a new study finds.
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Study: Couples Without Children Have Happier MarriagesAccording to a new study, couples without children have happier marriages.
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Study: Increase In Marriages Would Help EconomyA recent study suggests that increases in the rates at which people get married would help the economy, as married people tend to spend more.
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