WSB-TV's Justin Farmer And Jovita Moore Read "The Letter" In Time For Valentine's DayIt's probably not at all how they thought it would go, but Justin Farmer and Jovita Moore from WSB-TV stopped by to chat with Dukes & Bell Tuesday afternoon. After talk about sports, news, the weather, Cam Newton, the Super Bowl and...
6-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Amoebic Infection, Parents Find Letter From HimOn Friday a 6-year-old boy died of an amoebic infection in the brain.
Eminem Writes Heartfelt Letter To Tupac’s MomEminem in early 2000 released the song “Stan” in which a fan of Eminem’s wrote a passionate letter to him about how great of an artist he was and couldn’t wait to meet him.
Too Much Truth - Spelman's Letter

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