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VIDEO: Shaq Takes On Our Own Kristen Ledlow In Free Throws

The “Inside the NBA” crew on TNT has been known to have a good time and they certainly like reminding people they still have some basketball ability left in the tank. Thursday night after we […]

92.9 The Game–11/08/2013


College Hoops Analyst Kenny Smith Joins Game Time, Gives His Final Four Breakdown

Kenny Smith joined Game Time today to talk about tomorrow’s Final Four games and what teams he thinks will be in the championship. Listen here:

92.9 The Game–04/05/2013

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[VIDEO] The Sports Kings: Let it Go LBJ…

We all know that it’s time for LeBron James to part ways with the NBA’s Most Dangerous Hairline! Yes… We all know but can somebody please tell LeBron James? Just in case you missed Friday […]