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The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “NFL South Mid-Season Report”

Here is the mid-season report of the Southern Divisions of the NFL including your hometown Atlanta Falcons: AFC South 4th Place Indianapolis Colts 0-8, 0-2 in the Division: Pros:      I’m not really sure…they have Reggie […]



The Sports Kings:J-Dub’s Journal “NFL North Mid-Season Report”

Here are the standings and outlook for the teams in the Northern Divisions of the NFL: AFC North 4th Place Cleveland Browns 3-4, 0-1 in the Division: Pros:      The Defense is playing lights out, only […]


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The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “The Patriot Way”

Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots was recently cited in some photographs with his shirt off.  To most, this action would not be considered that serious but when you consider that it was with […]



The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “Strictly Business”

The 1992 studio album released by EPMD entitled “Business Never Personal” was a staple of what this particular group was all about.  Besides, when you call yourself Eric and Parrish Making Dollars it is obvious […]


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The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”

The 2011 National Football League Draft consisted of several different prospects just waiting to fill roster spots and help a franchise achieve the ultimate goal. Several quarterbacks were waiting for a potential team to give […]


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The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “Respect Is Due”

This past Saturday professional football lost a great pioneer in Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders.  Mr. Davis was the “butt” of many jokes and was deemed insignificant for the last several years but […]



The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “History’s Repetition”

Our beloved Atlanta Falcons are currently 2-2 and well under expectations, but it is early in the season and there still remains hope for a great outcome.  Defensively, the scheme remains the same under Coach […]



The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “The Dream Is Really Real”

Ok, when I first started at Sports Kings Radio I wrote a piece asking which professional franchise in Atlanta is the epitome of stability. The answer that I gave was the Atlanta Braves and with […]


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The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “Guess Who?”

Ok, let me preface this by saying that I am a huge Michael Vick fan.  I have Vick memorabilia in my home; I have followed his career from his days at Virginia Tech where he […]


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The Sports Kings: J-Dub’s Journal “Continually Overhyped”

Ok, this rant I’m about to go on is based on personal opinion, questioning, and fact-based analysis but I just have one question; Why does the University of Georgia Football Team get so much hype?  […]