Tom Brady Beats NFL; Judge Nullifies 4-Game Suspension | Read More Here | Roger Goodell Says NFL Will Appeal


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Real Talk With Rashad Richey: Rashad Gets Real With Police Leadership & Victims of Police Brutality Alike

Police brutality in America is not uncommon to most folks.  Many believe that some police officers abuse their authority, while some police officers believe that a couple of bad apples don’t spoil the whole bunch. […]


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Best Ways To Celebrate National Pancake Week In Atlanta

There is no better way to take a diet break than with yummy, sweet pancakes during National Pancake Week.


IHOP To Buy Applebees Chain For $1.9 Billion

Atlanta Cop Cleared in IHOP Brawl

Atlanta (AJC)-The off-duty Atlanta police officer involved in a scuffle with several women at a Buckhead IHOP did not violate the APD’s maltreatment or excessive force policies, according to a report from the agency’s Office […]


Women In IHOP Brawl Seeking Legal Help

ATLANTA (WAOK)-  A woman and a police officer threw punches in a Buckhead IHOP, while spectators recorded the entire incident on their cell phones. The video was posted on youtube and become viral in a […]