Former DA Tells Court the victim of Cosby had "Credibility Issue"A former district attorney who decided not to charge Bill Cosby in a decade-old sexual assault case says there was no written agreement...
Ga. Immigrant Students Seeking In-State Tuition
Reese Witherspoon "Deeply Embarrassed" For What She Said To State Trooper A court hearing on a disorderly conduct charge has been rescheduled for actress Reese Witherspoon, who said she is "deeply embarrassed" by what she said to a state trooper during a traffic stop in Atlanta.
Voting Rights Argued Before U.S. Supreme Court
Zimmerman Attorneys Seek New Hearing
Hearing For Ga. Teen Accused Of Killing Sister A bond hearing is set for a 17-year-old teenager from middle Georgia who's accused of fatally shooting her sister, then setting fire to the family home.
Resign Or Be Fired? What Would You Do?
Rangel Walks Out of Ethics Hearing!

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