Salmonella Outbreak Expands To 4 Deaths, 838 Illnesses In 38 States838 salmonella cases in 38 states have been linked to cucumbers imported from Mexico by the CDC.
Report: Flu Vaccine Less Effective Than Previously ThoughtHealth officials say this year's vaccine is just 18 percent effective against this year's dominant strain of the flu virus.
Study: One In Five Pediatricians Turn Away Parents Who Don't Vaccinate Their ChildrenMany of the doctors say they do it in the hopes of convincing parents to get their children vaccinated.
Study: Infants Exposed To Dogs And Farm Animals Less Likely To Develop AsthmaSwedish researchers found that exposure to dogs during infancy was associated with a 13 percent lower risk of asthma in school-age children, while farm animal exposure was linked to a 52 percent risk reduction.
Study: Eating Just One Steak A Week Increases Cancer RiskResearchers found that eating four portions of red meat increases the risk of bowel cancer by more than two-fifths.
Flu Vaccine More Effective This Year, Also Helps Against Pneumonia And Stroke, Say StudiesResearchers suggest the flu virus may trigger other cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.
Study: Three Meals A Day Is A MythResearchers find most people eat three to ten times a day over an average period of 14 hours a day.
Study: Walking During Lunch Hour Improves MoodA study finds that people who walk during their lunch hour report feeling more alert and enthusiastic than those who didn't.
Study: Best Way To Avoid Hangovers Is Not To Drink AlcoholCanadian and Dutch researchers found no one is immune to hangovers and eating or drinking water doesn't help with the severity of one.
New Medical Technique Stacks Cells Like LegosScientists have found a way create 3D models of human organs by stacking cells together like Lego blocks.
Study: Head Lice Showing Resistance To Many TreatmentsA new study finds head lice have developed genetic mutations that make them resistant to permethrin, the active ingredient in some of the most popular lice treatments.
Study: Superbug Infections Will Increase Without Immediate ActionThe CDC says by working together, hospitals and medical workers can prevent over a half-million infections and save 37,000 lives over the next five years.
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