Lericia Harris Reports: 14 More US Reports of Possible Zika Spread Through SexThe Zika virus is more easily contracted through unprotected sex than originally believed. The CDC now cites...
Lericia Harris Reports: The Knows Regarding African American Heart HealthDr. Elizabeth Ofili talks African-American heart health with Lericia Harris
Zika Virus Confirmed in GeorgiaThe Georgia Department of Public Health has confirmed that the first travel related Zika virus case is in Georgia...
How An Elimination Diet May Improve Your Child's HealthDoes your child suffer from allergies? Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, author of "The Dirt Cure," shares how an elimination diet may be the secret to a healthier and happier life!
Study: Happiness Doesn't Lead To Longer, Healthier LifeFeeling happy or content with your life doesn't necessarily mean you'll enjoy benefits of living longer or increased health, according to new research.
Study: Fewer Than Half Of U.S. Hospitals Require Flu Vaccines For Workers"To put it bluntly, American hospitals have a lot of work to do."
Mother Donates 92 Gallons Of Breast Milk Following Stillbirth TragedyA mother who lost her child at 20 weeks gestation donated 92 gallons of breast milk to other moms in need following her tragic circumstances.
Study: 75 Percent Of Flavored E-Cigs Could Cause 'Popcorn Lung'The majority of flavored e-cigarette brands contain chemicals that can cause a harmful condition known as "popcorn lung," according to new research.
Study: Teens Get Only 39 Minutes Of Exercise A DayResearchers found teens average less than the recommended level of exercise.
Study: Men Have Better Sense Of Direction Than WomenMen may have an advantage over women when it comes to a keen sense of direction, according to new research.
Survey: Three-Quarters Of Women Suffer From Stress-Related AnxietyA new survey conducted by Cosmopolitan finds nearly 71 percent of women said they have experienced an anxiety or panic attack.
Study: Double Dipping Is A Health HazardA Clemson University professor found dips and salsa can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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