Study: Best Way To Avoid Hangovers Is Not To Drink Alcohol

Canadian and Dutch researchers found no one is immune to hangovers and eating or drinking water doesn’t help with the severity of one.



New Medical Technique Stacks Cells Like Legos

Scientists have found a way create 3D models of human organs by stacking cells together like Lego blocks.


drug resistance

Study: Head Lice Showing Resistance To Many Treatments

A new study finds head lice have developed genetic mutations that make them resistant to permethrin, the active ingredient in some of the most popular lice treatments.



Study: Superbug Infections Will Increase Without Immediate Action

The CDC says by working together, hospitals and medical workers can prevent over a half-million infections and save 37,000 lives over the next five years.


Coca-Cola Cans

Graphic Showing What Happens To Person’s Body After Drinking Can Of Coca-Cola Goes Viral

A graphic breaking down the effects a can of Coca-Cola has on a person’s body is going viral.


memory test

Study: Memory Tests Could Predict Alzheimer’s 18 Years Before Diagnosis

Evidence suggests early signs of Alzheimer’s may be present decades before any diagnosis.



Study: Fasting Can Trick Body Into Aging More Slowly

A team of researchers have developed the Fasting Mimicking Diet, or FMD, a fasting plan that can have innumerable benefits for the human body.


study bpa

Study: Using Hand Sanitizer Can Increase Skin’s Absorption Of Dangerous Chemical

Researchers warn a chemical used in hand sanitizer may put people at risk of diseases.


File photo of child. (Credit: Adam Berry/Getty Images)

3 More Positive Tests For E. Coli At Greenwood Day Care

Health officials say testing has found three more cases of E. coli from an outbreak at a Greenwood day care center that has now sickened 11 and killed a 2-year-old boy.


poison ivy

Poison Ivy Getting Worse, Warn Researchers

An increase in global temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide have created environments that encourage poisonous plants to grow.