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5 Best Beach Towns In Texas

A visit to the Texas Coast is a great way to stay cool over the summer.


Paso Robles (Credit, Randy Yagi)

Best Up-And-Coming Travel Destinations Of 2015

Travelers looking to visit someplace new should consider these five up-and-coming American travel destinations in 2015.


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International Trips You Can Do In A Weekend

Many international destinations close to home may prove to be a better option than South Beach or Miami. Among the best international trips that can be done in a weekend are the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Montreal and Vancouver.


Both Passengers and media wait for  for the final unloading of the Triumph on Feb. 14, 2013 in Mobile, Ala. (credit: Jeff Gammons/Getty Images)

Carnival Triumph Breaks Loose From Dock, People Reportedly In Water

The Carnival Triumph has broken loose from the dock at BAE Shipyard in Mobile and there are reports that people may be in the water.


Trouble headed to the Gulf

Alex may be a BIG Problem in the Gulf


BP Called on Carpet Over Payments

Congressional leaders stepped up the pressure on oil giant BP to fully compensate economic victims of the Gulf spill as President Barack Obama prepared to offer condolences Thursday to the relatives of the 11 rig […]


BP Wrong on Amount of Oil

Much worse than first thought


BP Reports Success in Containing Oil Leak

Is it too little too late to save the Gulf?


Seafood Prices Going UP?

Even though you may not live in the Gulf area, if you like seafood you will soon feel the effects of the massive oil spill…


A Major Disaster

Congress is investigating what caused the rig to explode on April 20 killing 11 people.